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Interior floor mats

Hydnum manufactures interior mats for vehicle cabs tailored to customer needs and wishes. Odorless and emission-free polyurethane mats make the cab a pleasant working environment by isolating heat and sound.

Custom-made floor mats are easy to clean and very durable. The non-slip surface with the desired pattern and color completes the comfort and look of the cab.

Protective mats

Hydnum offers highly durable protective mats for applications that are subject to heavy wear. Polyurethane mats can be used to protect, for example, gym floors and changing rooms in ice rinks, as well as replacement and ice enclosures. M1-rated, odorless and wear-resistant materials ensure the best usability of the products.

The easily movable and modifiable modular mats have a tight and firm joint that allows for integrated units. The thickness of the carpet varies depending on the application. Even a few millimeters thick mat provides very good protection for the gym’s loose weight area, for example, and a thicker mat can withstand the repeated wear of heavy weights and sharp skate blades.

Hydnum Always tailors floor mats to customer needs and looks. The floor mats can be made in the desired color with your own logo print or other surface pattern.

Interior and exterior upholstery parts for cabs

Hydnum also uses polyurethane technology to manufacture other interior components for cabs, such as control panels, dashboards, hatch covers, compartment floor mats, switchgear covers and exterior cladding components. PUR / RIM technology enables the combination of different materials, whereby, for example, the steel parts inside the PUR material provide rigidity and strength to the products and the attachment of the parts to the cab structures, e.g. screw connections are possible.


Hydnum has production facilities of 5500m2 equipped with the latest production technology.

Polyurethane production operates 24 hours per day, five days per week.

Hydnum’s production process utilizes the following systems/equipment:

Design operations CATIA V5
Production planning and simulation tools
Online monitoring of production
RIM (Reaction Injection Moulding) plant units for PUR production
8 RIM presses
2 foaming robots
4 water cutting robots