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We want to promote an open and transparent operating culture. As part of ensuring this, we have introduced a channel for reporting any suspected breach or unethical conduct.

The introduction of this channel is based on the EU’s so-called Whistleblower Directive (EU 2019/1973), which applies to companies with more than 50 employees as from 17 December 2023.

The notification channel for suspected abuse, called “First Whistle”, is a safe system implemented by an external service provider, which operates separately from Hydnum Oy’s systems. The notification can be made electronically and anonymously. All reports are treated confidentially and the person making the report cannot be traced.

In case of suspected misconduct, you should primarily contact your regular contact person or management at Hydnum. If this is not possible, you can report suspected abuse via the link below. Fill in the fields required and save the notification. After saving, you will receive a code that allows you to return to the service and check if you have been asked additional questions. You can also follow the processing status of your notification.

The notification channel used by Hydnum Oy operates at and is available in Finnish and English.

This notification channel is only intended for reporting justified suspicions of misconduct related to Hydnum’s activities.

More information on reporting suspected abuse can be found at

Chancellor of Justice’s external reporting channel

Chancellor of Justice’s external reporting form